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Journey Media is a full spectrum video and television production company that specialises in the creation of social media video including innovative TV style formats that help sustain audience engagement.

Our Services


Get more life out of your content online by using one of our genre format based approaches.


We manage productions in Australia for international production companies and news outlets.


We make TV shows for audiences all over the world and distribute them to TV stations, VOD and other platforms such as Inflight and Hotels.
Journey Media was established by internet pioneer and TV producer Brett Hardy in 2006 after an intensive ten-year learning period in the United States during the dot com boom where he delivered Websites, TV broadcasts, Live Stream Events and Branded Content for a wide range of market segments.

Over the years Hardy has worked on multiple film and television productions with international talent such as Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Caine, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Lemmy Kilmister, Reba McEntire and Rodney Mullen. Journey Media has produced a string of hits including the feature documentary ‘Love The Beast’ directed by Eric Bana featuring Jay Leno and Jeremy Clarkson, Discovery Channel's ‘Garage Dreams’, a diverse range of promotional videos for government clients such as the National Gallery of Australia and a long history of collaboration on surf and skateboarding films with ASX-listed Globe International.  Over the last two decades the content created by Journey Media has clocked up millions of views across social media channels, websites, television, cinemas, and airlines.

Today, Journey Media is an entertainment and video content production company that utilises marketing, brand identity, data analysis and design principles as a basis to develop meaningful, engaging and differentiated content. The company diagnoses and prescribes solutions for Government, ASX-listed companies as well as emerging start-ups and small business with a focus on high-engagement social media video formats, data-driven social media content design and planning, niche documentaries and innovative video technology like virtual reality and live streaming.